The Ultimate eCommerce Websites Builder List

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The Ultimate eCommerce Websites Builder List

Small business owners and individuals who want to get involved in eCommerce are always looking for the easiest ways to offer their products on the Internet. Many experienced sellers can confirm that the use of eCommerce websites builder is the best option you have. Most of them are easy to use, free or cheap and allow users to customize the majority of the elements found on the future website. Of course, if you want to enjoy all these features and options, you have to choose the best eCommerce websites, builder. That’s why we have created this list.


Wix is not an exclusive eCommerce website builder. It’s a general website builder that has proven to be useful to online store owners too. This is also a cloud-based eCommerce websites builder that provides ease of use. Needless to say, this platform also has some very practical features and tools that will let you build and manage an eCommerce website without any problems. Wix users don’t have to pay for hosting and they can expect to use a user-friendly drag & drop feature to create their website. The only problem is that moving a website from Wix to another hosting solution can be a little bit tricky.


If you are looking for something new and different, then you should not miss BoldGrid. This is actually a WordPress plugin with website building capabilities. Basically, you can expect all the positive elements of WordPress and tons of customization options. BoldGrid comes with a long list of professional-looking designs that can help you build an attractive store. You can also create a staging site in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget that if you choose BoldGrid, you will have to rely on a self-hosted solution.


Unlike BoldGrid, Squarespace is a fully hosted site builder. This is a safe and large platform that lets users put their focus on business growth and expansion. Scaling on Squarespace is very easy. As a Squarespace user, you will get an opportunity to choose from dozens of website designs which are completely editable. You can use multiple designs at once if you want to. But, there are some disadvantages too. For instance, you will have a chance to integrate your website with only a small number of 3rd party services. Payment processing is limited to PayPal, Apple pay, and Stripe which could be a problem for some eCommerce websites.

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